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PSG reserved Eiffel tower on August 10 for Lionel Messi

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07 Aug 2021

It may seem surprising for many but Lionel Messi will be unveiled on 10 August. PSG just reserved the services from Eiffel Tower.


It’s a big day for PSG

Getting the best players from Barcelona is the main goal of PSG. After the historical loss against Barca, PSG is trying their best to get players from that team. Keep in mind that in 2017, PSG bought Neymar from Barcelona. It was a big shock for everyone in the football world. No one would believe that Neymar could easily swap the team, especially Barcelona. Don’t forget that in that period, Barcelona was on top of the world. Barca just won the triple tournaments with Messi, Neymar and Suarez. All of a sudden, Neymar got a big offer from PSG and the rest is history. As of now, Barcelona is in serious financial problems. The economic stability is not going to happen unless Barca sells a few players and free-ups the salary system. Keep in mind that Messi is getting 30 million Euros every season, added with the bonuses and royalties from the club. Laporta said that Barca can’t keep Messi because it will be a huge stepback and big financial issue for the team. The president of the team noted that he can’t let players become more than the club itself.


PSG is getting unbelievable attacking line

Nassir, the owner of the team, wants to see the attacking craziness. Messi along with Neymar and Mbappe would be a big help to the team. World is not ready for this attacking line. Keep in mind that PSG was already in the final of the Champions League. They played against unstoppable Bayern Munich. Unfortunately for PSG fans, they lost the battle with just one goal difference. Nassir wants to bring the Champions League to Paris. It will be a big mission after signing Messi for two years.

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